Awesome Sites

My favorite site. Wikipedia is a free encyclopedia that anyone can contribute to. It's managed and maintained by people all over the world.
Self-proclaimed "News For Nerds" site. Go here to read the latest tech buzz.

I like this site because it contains sound financial information for people that know nothing about investing.

The Onion
Another satirical site that makes up the news. Pretty funny.

How Stuff Works
Very informative site. This site contains straight-forward articles explaining the workings behind electronics, cars, machines, households items, and practically anything else you can imagine.
His site contains a lot of information about whitewater kayaking in New England.

The Daily Show
Probably my favorite TV show. If you've never heard of it, leave my site right now.

W3 Schools
This is where I learned how to write the HTML and CSS for this site. This site contains all kinds of information including detailed tutorials on javascript, CSS, HTML, XHTML, PHP, XML, and DHTML.

A site all about "real" ninjas. It's HILARIOUS!